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Test Drive

Try before you buy!

Let’s start with the pessimism. At least half of the yacht owners are not happy with the yacht they bought. Why does this happen? Only half of yacht owners actually go for a sea trial!!!

So you come to a dealer, you see beautiful pictures of a boat, they tell you a story how lovely it is. You have an important day in June and so you would like to spend it on the water with your friends or family… You want this boat!!! Immediately! You become nervous. You push on your dealer to finish the deal fast. So… no time for the test drive. When the boat is finally yours you realize it is good but this is not YOUR boat! As a result, at least 30% of yacht owners sell their boat after less then 2 years after they bought it!




Let’s imagine you want to buy Pershing 62 located in Turkey. We are not interested to sell you only this particular boat. You have no commitment when going for a sea trial. First of all, we will show you all boats of this model available for sale (and also other boat models). Not all the yacht sellers agree to offer their yacht for a test drive without any commitment. So we negotiate to find out who agrees. Then you test Pershing 62 located in Italy and understand that you like this boat. So we contact all the sellers of Pershing 62 and negotiate for the price. Then you fully inspect a Turkish Pershing 62 because it is a better opportunity, and finally buy it.

Also it is possible to charter a yacht of your choice. You can take your dream boat for a week charter and see if it remains your dream boat 🙂 If you still like it, we will negotiate for the best price and finalize a deal.



Many of our clients would like to organize a full inspection of the yacht. It is taken out of the water. The inspector is looking for the scratches and crashes. Then he tests yacht in the water. How are the engines working, is the navigation in order? You will get all the answers. In the end, you get a full survey report with all existing problems noted. If you wish you can be present during all the inspection period (usually 2-3 days).