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About Us

Welcome to the new way of yacht brokerage!

Sometimes the yacht you are looking for is really hard to find. Our mission is to bring it to you wherever it is! Yes, we can get you ANY boat of any brand. We will offer you the best price opportunity! This is how we do it:

1. We need to know the type of the yacht you are looking for, its length, year of manufacture, your budget, prefered location.
2. We search all over the world for this kind of a yacht. We offer you the options. You select the best one.
3. You come to see it.
4. We help to find a local surveyor who will do inspection of the yacht and a sea trial.
5. We bring it to you! The transportation usually takes no longer than two weeks.

In our job we cooperate with other brokers and leasing companies.We have very strong connections in Europe and the USA.

Auster Yachts has its representatives in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Turkey.

We work to fulfil your fantasy!